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DC Comics Cover Girls: Catwoman Statue

June 13, 2012


Selena scores big in this beautifully designed statue from the  DC Comics Cover Girls line of collectables. Featuring her sexy costume from the DC Comics – The New 52. Catwoman is ready to whip the Dark Knight into shape if he tries to stop her!

Statue measures approximately 10.125″ inches tall

Sculpted By : Sam Greenwell
U.S. Price: 99.95
On Sale Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Couple of observations.  First, DC can’t even spell Selina’s name correctly. For the description, I simply hit copy and past and I find out they spelled it as “Selena”. Really? I understand it happens with other news sources, but from DC?  I am just a little annoyed with that.
To the statue! I think her face looks like she is a tad bored, which is disappointing.   I love the kitty backpack, that she is on a gargoyle, and the little kitty around her feet.  The whip around her waist is also a nice touch.  I think that those elements are very “Catwomany”.  I am also sure that people will complain about the zipper on her catsuit being pulled down.  At least she isn’t as busty or reveling as the new Starfire bust!
Thoughts? I will be picking this statue up, of course.  Maybe her face will look better in person? We shall see!
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  1. October 29, 2012 1:39 am

    The one thing that bugs me about this most, which amazingly isn’t the zip being pulled down (which I can sometimes deal with), but it’s that she’s not wearing a cowl, nor is it seen around her neck… or anywhere. That’s just… strange. I do love the kitty backpack though.

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