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Play as Catwoman!

June 7, 2011

So, we have known that Catwoman would play some sort of part in the new Batman gamed called Batman:Arkham City  but we didnt know to what extent.  Now we do, and it is as her own playable character.  She has been confirmed as an important part to the story as well as having her OWN story that will intertwine with Batman’s.

That.. is awesome.

There is a lovely trailer running around that has some game play and catty remarks.   Come to Kitty! or view it here!

Thoughts? I mean, yeah.. There are a ton of butt shots, but you know what… Catwoman uses sex appeal anyway.  Lots of people are a little upset about this or that, but I am just stoked that she is her own character, and you get to play as her!

I am extremely  happy.  I also know that this information is extremely late.  I am trying to blog more.  I have a ton of ideas, I just need to make the time to write more.  Expect a lot more soon! I freakin promise!

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