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Help out a Fellow Fangirl!

May 19, 2011

This wasn’t my initial idea to get back into writing, but it is for a great cause.  Dee is an amazing person.  The few months I have known her, she has been nothing but sweet and supportive.  She needs some help to get to Dragon*Con and Fan Expo.  Please see the picture!

Plushie Commissions!

Due to some increases in flight pricing I’m a still a bit away from getting things sorted for Dragon*Con, so still taking commissions and donations to the travel fund

I know the poster says 6” $30, but I’ve increased the price to $35 as they are still a lot of work.

Check out my deviantart gallery here for more examples of my work.  Or my etsy shop here

Plushie commissions
Limited time only!
6” $35 AUD
10” $50 AUD
Shipping worldwide $10 (cheaper in OZ)


Additional donations to the travel fund always welcome 🙂

How does this fit into my Catwoman themed blog.. How else do you think.. I commissioned her to do a Catwoman/Dex-Starr for me.  Here are the pics.

Love it! So, if you know someone that has a birthday coming up, or you need a plushie just because! Please think of Dee.. and spread the word!!!!

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